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sony portable recorder pcm d1

sony portable recorder pcm d1

Only the 1,500 Sony PCM-D1 and Sony PCM D100 have better mics. The D50 has This recorder has insane battery life and is very portable. A crowd favorite  FIG. 1 The second model in Sony s line of portable stereo digital recorders, the PCM-D50 costs less than the PCM-D1, yet it offers numerous  PCM-D1 Linear PCM Field Recorder from Abes of Maine. Hows this for cool Sony s new PCM-D1 portable recorder combines trademark professional quality. Sony portable recorder pcm d1 here for only musical instruments, such something that is it ll create a inspired. Gown will show time classes  This year at Winter NAMM 2006 we had our first sight of Sony’s new flash RAM based compact recorder – the Sony PCM-D1. It is targeted at high end

sony portable recorder pcm d1. The Sony PCM-D50 s mics swivel from 90° for close-miking to 120° for . about features of the expensive Sony PCM-D1 is its unique limiter. Why wouldn t Sony put XLR inputs on their highest-quality portable digital recorder Because it has been designed as a high quality recorder for use . This looks like a cross between a D1 and D50 and is priced accordingly. 79-7956 SONY PORTABLE DIGITAL RECORDERS The PCM-M10 is a 96 kHz/24-bit capable recorder with electret condenser stereo microphones, 4GB of internal flash … The K-Tek D1 Topper is a high-quality windscreen designed to fit snugly on top of the Sony PCM-D1 portable recorder. The Sony PCM-M10 is the latest in a long line of digital recorders from This is the third in their line of solid state portable recorders, and is the to the Sony PCM D1. in short the sound quality of the Sony PCM M10 was  I m a sucker for handheld digital recorders, having accumulated a small army of them since good quality models started Sony PCM-D1. The PCM-D1 is a 96 kHz, 24-bit recorder with 4 GB of internal flash memory that Sony s trademarked Jog Dial is nowhere to be found in the PCM-D1 s  From a post on the naturesounds list, another good comparison of handheld field recorders, Nagra ARES-MII, Sony PCM-D1, Sony PCM-D50,  With the introduction of the PCM-D1 solid-state recorder, we have an entirely new animal on the playing field a portable flash recorder with  Portable recorders sometimes feature built-in memory, but usually . the PCM-D1, helped ignite the current craze in handheld recorders. Roughly the size of two iPhones stacked atop each another, the Sony PCM-M10  podcasting news has posted on the Sony PCM-D1 portable recorder. It s surely a cool gadget to have, if you can swallow the US 1999.95 price 


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